Boiler Services

Boiler Repairs & Steam pipeline Fabrication

We are also specialised in design of heat and mass transfer calculations and based in that we freeze all the utilities required for the plant. As we one of the approved repairer, fabricator and steam pipeline contractors, take entire steam pipe line design, if requires any modification in the existing plant pipeline routing or sizing, we take Boiler erection, steam pipeline fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of the plant. Also we under take liaison work with the Director of Boilers Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.


The services business of our NVEC has been successfully addressing plant improvement projects.

Today, these offerings are at work across a diverse spectrum of industries comprising power utilities, petrochemicals, refineries, fertilisers, steel, cement, sugar and paper.


  • -> Engineering studies
  • -> Efficiency improvement studies
  • -> De-bottlenecking of boiler operation/performance
  • -> Fuel conversion, retrofits and firing system upgrades
  • -> Upgrade emission control/reduction
  • -> Technology upgrades
  • -> Plant automation and instruments upgrade
  • -> Plant decommissioning and relocation
  • -> Replacement in kind/refurbishment
  • -> Utility boiler revamps
  • -> Reformer upgrade

    The key aspect of NOx reduction technology involves impacting the combustion process by staging the combustion air.

    NOx reduction technology involves

  • 1. Using primary method of NOx reduction with state-of-the-art low combustion technology
  • 2.Tailor made solutions for different makes of boilers
  • 3.Effectively staged combustion in single or double stage, depending on the requirement, along with design changes in existing burner
  • 4.Enhancing plant performance through optimisation of boiler operations, apart from emission reduction
  • 5.Solutions for both corner as well as wall fired pulverized coal fired systems

    Our RIK services can handle a host of critical replacement issues with minimum hassles and duration to as per given turn around time. For instance, pressure part breakdowns could be an indicator of deeper ingrained problems in the boiler. There could be problems inherent to the ageing of the boiler or growing obsolescence of technology.

    "Operating strategy, inventory control and lead times are a few of the factors, which need to be considered for spare part management"

    Replacement in kind is for –

  • -> Ageing
  • -> Performance deterioration
  • -> Refurbishment of heat transfer surfaces like furnace water walls, superheaters, reheaters, economisers, etc.

    Spare parts management is the foundation for reliable plant operations and is crucial for achieving targeted outputs through trouble free working of units. Operating strategy, inventory control and lead times are a few factors, which also need to be considered.

    spare parts management offers a competitive advantage through inventory management and quality manufacturing. We also provide engineering capabilities for obsolete and extinct OEM spares.

    It provides spares for:

  • -> Pressure parts
  • -> Air pre-heater – tubes and tube sheetsAir pre-heater – tubes and tube sheets
  • -> Burners
  • -> Branded/patented fuel firing equipment like stoker, feeders, mechanical spreaders, pneumatic spreaders, bubble caps, air nozzles etc.
  • -> Spares for rotating equipment
  • -> Electrical and instrumentation spares
  • -> Miscellaneous spares for piping and IBR fittings, control valves, process valves, safety valves, motorised valves, dampers, bellows and supports

    RLA is an inspection method/test employed for boilers & heaters, which are in operation for a prolonged period of time. RLA is a tool for preventive and predictive maintenance.

    "RLA of boiler pressure parts is under taken to verify their present condition and find out their remaining life as well as correlate with boiler operation for reliability and improvement purposes."

    In RLA multiple nondestructive and metallurgical tests are done for accurate measurement of thickness, dimensions and finding any anomalies which include erosion, corrosion, cracks, bulging etc. CA/RLA comprehensive assessment and implementation of its recommendations provide reliable and trouble-free operation and prevent forced outages.

    our company has an experienced metallurgical team offering inspection and testing with modern tools, specialized NDT and inspection techniques

  • -> Remote field electromagnetic testing
  • -> Low frequency electromagnetic testing
  • -> Internal rotary inspection system
  • -> Super heater tubes internal oxide thickness measurement
  • -> Profile radiography
  • -> In situ metallography and remote visual inspection
  • -> In house tube destructive testing and failure investigation facility
  • -> Plant diagnostics

    Plant services has been an integral function of NVEC , providing solutions for improved plant availability and efficient operation

    NVEC also offer training services, whereby classroom training is imparted covering all aspects comprises of design details, boiler startup operation and shutdown procedure, instrumentation & controls and plant maintenance.

    Our offerings under plant services

  • • Fixed rate service contracts
  • • Annual inspection and maintenance contracts
  • • Proactive expert visits
  • • Breakdown services-tube failure analysis
  • • Emergency plant support through advisory services
  • • Solutions for improved plant availability
  • • Identifying inherent O&M problems
  • • Identifying the source of loss of efficiency
  • • Increasing operational flexibility