Oeration and maintaince


Power plants & Operation and Maintainance

Power plants & Operation and Maintainance

Our aim is to emerge as a world-class O&M company providing efficient and reliable services for power plants, in a safe and compliant environment. Our comprehensive operation and maintenance services are delivered by an experienced and trained team who deploy proprietary processes.

Our team of experts ensure that the power plant runs optimally with a guarantee for its performance parameters i.e. plant availability, power generation, auxiliary power consumption, heat rate and emission levels.


  • • Comprehensive O&M
  • • O&M management
  • • Training services
  • • Commissioning services
  • • Chemicals, consumables and spares


  • • Fixed costs
  • • Extended plant life
  • • Plant operation flexibility
  • • Increased operating safety
  • • Performance improvements through innovation and cross-learning


operations & maintenance services ensure that all plant utilities operate optimally with minimum downtime. Optimal performance enhances equipment life and helps customers become competitive by driving down the life cycle costs. Further, an efficient plant reduces the carbon footprint and leads to sustainable operations.

"With the entire utility equipment in Our reliable hands, customers can completely focus on their core business."

Our 27 years of experience as utility equipment OEM helps us to provide customised O&M solutions and value-added services to customers. It offers a variety of customised solutions based on the customer’s needs.


With 27 years of EPC experience of power plants under O&M.It is uniquely placed to offer its wealth of expertise in improving power plant performance. Our seamless execution helps the customer in overcoming problems and running the plant optimally.

"Every rupee saved is a rupee earned. it can help you get the most out of your existing power plant by improving the efficiency of assets."

Our subject matter experts help customers to identify the improvement opportunities, analyse potential solutions and recommend the best plan of action to improve efficiency.


Our Company offers cost-effective spare parts supply to the power and process industries with an assurance of timely delivery. Our quality spare parts, with design improvements ensure the highest availability for your operations.

"As a leading OEM and EPC for power and utility plants, it is best placed to be the one-stop solution for all your spare part requirements."


  • • Customised contract with stocking and assured delivery for your comprehensive spare parts requirement
  • • 3D redesigned parts for obsolete items with functional enhancement
  • • Asset management including diagnosis, periodic overhauling and spare parts replacement for better performance